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  • bekahhewitt33

    HI Sheena! Our organization just signed on and are/ were in the pilot stages. We've had questions and our contact has either not responded to emails or sent "we don't have in person meetings" when he requested a face to face meeting at your offices, or wherever (not onsite implementation or anything of grand scale). He lives in the SF area, so her response was taken quite poorly by our team. Completely unempathetic and unhelpful. We're looking at going with another enterprise option as we do not believe that this level of support is what we want or need when rolling out a solution enterprise wide. Very disappointing.


    April 18
    • Sheena Trepanier
      Sheena Trepanier
      Thank you Bekah for taking the time to message me back about this. I'm very sorry for the less than exemplary experience your team had.

      If you are interested at all at giving us another shot, I'm here to help!
  • sylvana

    Hi Sheena,
    My name is Sylvana and I am a new employee. My employer asked me to manage Expensify for the company. I could only add myself as a copilot without full access, as the lady I am replacing retired and she has full access as copilot on the account. I need to replace her in Expensify with full access to be able to reimburse employees and manage efficiently the account. I am not being able to reach anyone for this purpose. Can you help? Thanks!

    April 6
  • You’re practically family.
    April 3
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    March 8