How to get Uber's Tax invoices instead of the email receipt in my expenses?

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HI! I have set up my Uber business account synced to my Expensify, but the automatically created expenses are only using the receipt emailed from Uber, not the Tax Invoices (which are available in the Uber account).
Is it possible a configuration where the expense is created with the Tax Invoice instead of the email? Our accounts need the invoice in order to claim the tax back... So far it looks like we still need to manually download the tax invoice from Uber and send it to Expensify...
Many hanks!

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @Noheli , yes that is correct. As an expense management system, Expensify is looking at receipts to reconcile with expenses, rather than full accounts payable. If your AP team need the full tax invoice for Uber, you'll need to download it.

    The other possibility is to use Tax Tracking so that the tax amount is captured in Expensify on the expense.

    It will totally depend on your accounts team's workflow as to which option is better for them.