Quickbooks Desktop Sync Manager fails and stops

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I recently got a new computer running Windows 10 Pro, and when I try to install the sync manager the file does not execute. It appears to begin to install for a second and than stops.

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @DJAnton , Welcome to the community!

    Is suspect this could be to do with .NET.

    Can you make sure that .NET 3.5 is enabled on your PC? Here are the steps to do this:

    • Click Start and type Turn Windows features On or Off.
    • Click Turn Windows features On or Off.
    • At the top, you will see an option for .NET Framework 3.5, ensure it is enabled.
    • If it is not enabled, click in the white check box to enable it and click Ok.

    Once this has been enabled, reboot your computer and try installing the Sync Manager again.

    Please let me know if this helps! =)