How to exclude deposits when importing from a card

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Im using expensify to track my expense not my income.
when i import from credit card t imports all transactions including deposits.

Is it possible to filter them out or delete automatically rather than clicking on them
one by one and delete them.



  • Ted Harris
    Ted Harris Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 359 Expensify Team

    Hi @mintack! Great to have you in the Expensify Community.

    When you're importing credit card transactions - are you able to clarify whether you're doing this via a Direct Connection or are you Uploading a CSV file?

    You'll note that the icons from the Account Settings > Credit Card Import page differ to show this:

    I ask mainly because it's uncommon for the direct connections to include these charges as we do our best to filter them out! You can let us know which bank you're using and we can look into this if that's the case for you.

    Otherwise, at the import stage for the CSV file, you should be able to Ignore certain columns from the import:

    As usually the Debit and Credit columns differ, you could try this. Although, I acknowledge the Merchant or Payee may still come in with a zero amount instead here. There only two ways around that though!

    1. Import everything and use the Expense Page Filters to find, select and delete those extra "expenses" you don't need
    2. Use Excel/Google Sheets etc to filter these out prior to your upload.