Multiple Company Cards for multiple policies hooked up through one Domain

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I have a client that operates through 3 separate QBO companies, so they need 3 separate policies in Expensify. My question pertains to their corporate credit cards that will need to be hooked up through domain control. Their users have credit cards with each company but only have 1 email address, so all the credit cards need to be hooked up through 1 Domain control. Is it possible to have credit cards for 3 different policies and QBO companies all connected within 1 domain?

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @EByer yes absolutely - the cards can be reported on any Policy.

    BUT it will mean that you can't restrict the user to one Policy via Domain Control, and you won't want to use Scheduled Submit because this will put everything on one report.

    So essentially, the process for the users might be a little more manual where they will need to ensure the right card expenses go on the right report/policy. In saying this, they can easily filter by card on the expenses page, and add to a report in bulk.