Splitting Personal & Business Expenses

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I am a contractor for my current company and use a personal version of Expensify. Whilst the company pays me for all expenses, I need to be able to categorise Personal (meals, travel etc) versus Business expenses (the latter relating to capital expenses such as equipment etc for which we need to claim VAT).

Any thoughts?



  • Isabela Stisser
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    Hey @leesharrocks , thanks for posting to the Community!

    I checked your account and see that you have a company policy as well as a personal policy. Expensify can easily be used to track both business and personal expenses at the same time! To do this you would simply need to make sure you are creating and submitting reports on the appropriate policy.

    The default policy can be set via the Expensify website by clicking the portrait icon and selecting the company policy from the menu.

    To change the default policy on the mobile app, tap Settings > Policy and then select the correct company policy. The default policy is marked with a green checkmark.

    You can also create different categories under your company and personal policy. Please note that the list of displayed categories and tags is dependent on the selected policy. Categories and tags added under your personal policy will be available when the personal policy is selected. Categories and tags added through company policy settings will be available when your company policy is selected.

    If you wish to add personal categories and tags, this can be done via the website under Settings > Policies > [Personal Policy Name] > Categories (or Tags).

    To create new categories for your company policy as a Policy Admin, navigate to Settings > Policies > [Company Policy Name] > Categories. At the bottom of the page you will see the option to add a new category.

    Hope that helps! :)