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Deep Dive: Where to email receipts (to get them into your Expensify expenses!)

Rachael Hopkins
Rachael Hopkins Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 903 Expensify Team
edited May 2021 in Deep Dive Docs

[email protected]

This is the email address to use when emailing/forwarding receipts. You can simply forward an email receipt, whether it’s an attachment or the body of the email. You can also create a new email and attach receipt images - keep this under 10 images for best results.
You MUST email it from an email address which is associated with your account - i.e. A Primary or Secondary Login.

Emailing to a Copilot account is a little different. To ensure the receipt goes to the account of the user for whom you are a Copilot, you must put the user’s email in the subject line, and nothing else. Delete the whole subject line and just put in their email address.

NB: With emailed receipts, if you include any comments etc in the body of the email, our SmartScan technology will not pick that up - we are looking solely at the receipt itself.

Note about auto-forwarding emails

You may not be able to set your emailed receipts to auto-forward to [email protected] depending on your email client. Some email clients do not allow an auto-forward without a special confirmation code. If your email client requires this, you will not be able to set this up.

[email protected]

This is the email address to use when you have an issue and you need help. The message will go to Concierge or to our Success team (or both) depending on complexity. When we email you back you will be able to pick up the message in your email inbox or on the mobile app’s message centre.

If you email a receipt or forward an email to this address, you may get an automated message to say that you have emailed the wrong address. If you are legitimately forwarding an email to [email protected], you can take off the ‘Fw:’ from the subject line to avoid any auto-response. If you are forwarding a receipt because you’re having issues with it, make sure you include your comments very clearly with the forward otherwise we may think you have simply accidentally forwarded it to the wrong email address.