Submit some expenses but leave expenses with violations for the employee to fix, is this possible?

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We have some employees with large reports that have not been submitted due to policy violations. As the Admin, I would like to fix or override some of the violations on a report and get those expenses submitted, but leave the remaining expenses for the employee to fix. Can I move some of the expenses to a new report to submit them? I can see the drop-down "Report" box on the individual expense screen, but I don't see how to create a new report so that I can move the expenses. It is not giving me options for other reports. It looks like one option would be to submit the entire report for the employee and reject some to force them to another report, but I prefer not to send the employee a message that expenses are "rejected" when they haven't submitted them to begin with.

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    Hi @DaniM Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    It looks like your Policies use Scheduled Submit - this means if you fix some violations on a report, the expenses without violations should naturally submit according to the Scheduled Submit frequency. Which for you is Daily.

    Any expenses which still have violations will end up on a separate report.

    I think this will do it for you!