Initial Setup to QuickBooks Desktop

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We are having issues getting our Expensify integrated with our QuickBooks Desktop. How do we go about getting them linked for credit card receipts etc.?


  • Karisa Latta
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    Hey @DanielleM !

    I'm sorry for the trouble here.

    We are going to have to dig into your setup specifics as well as logs and the public Community isn't the best for this. Can you please send us a message to

    Please include the answers to these questions when you write to help@:

    • Is your QuickBooks program is installed on your computer or a remote network/drive?
    • Is your Sync Manager program is installed on your computer or a remote network/drive?
    • Are either of the above are on a remote option, is there a company that runs that remote environment? If so, who (ie: RightNetworks, SwissNet, Cloud9, etc.)?
    • What operating system is running on the computer or remote network that QuickBooks is installed on?

    To give you general advice:

    • QuickBooks and Sync Manager need to be installed on the same computer or the same sever drive.
    • Only one person can be accessing QuickBooks and Sync Manager over a server at any given time.
    • Only one company file/instance of QuickBooks can be open at any time when using the Sync Manager connection or trying to connect to it.
    • Please also check out our QuickBooks Desktop Troubleshooting resources to see if any will help you.

    I look forward to resolving your troubles!