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Streamlined account creation for Domain Control

Ariel GreenAriel Green Expensify Team Posts: 89 Expensify Team
edited May 2019 in Product Updates

We’ve got an exciting update for you that will streamline the Expensify account creation process for both Domain Admins and domain members moving forward!

Previously, when an employee with an @yourdomain.com email address tried to create an Expensify account, they would receive this notice:

The domain yourdomain.com has restricted account creation. Please contact your domain administrator to have your account created.

From there, the employee would need to identify their Domain Admin (typically by asking a manager or finance team member), and then contact that Domain Admin to request an invite. The Domain Admin would then need to log into Expensify to create the account.

Going forward, we’ll take care of all this for you! The person attempting to create an account will now see:

The domain yourdomain.com has restricted account creation. The Domain Admin has been notified of your request. You'll receive an email once an account is created for [email protected]

We’ll email the request to the Domain Admin:

[email protected] wants to join your "yourdomain.com" domain on Expensify. To accept their request, please add them as a domain member here.

No more back-and-forth emails tracking down the right person!

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback! If you don’t yet have Domain Control enabled, you can learn more about that right here.


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