You can now use NetSuite Expense Reports for Non-Reimbursable Corporate Card Expenses

Nicole Trepanier
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edited June 2020 in Product Updates

We’ve added the ability to export non-reimbursable expenses to NetSuite as expense reports allowing you to use NetSuite’s Corporate Card Expense feature.

Using the Corporate Card Expense feature, you select the card on your employee record or use a default corporate card set in NetSuite (accounting preferences for non-OneWorld accounts or on your subsidiary records for OneWorld account).

Once you enable the corporate card option on your expense report transaction form in NetSuite, we’ll check that box on any non-reimbursable expenses on a report upon export. This will link the non-reimbursable expenses to the credit card account instead of the A/P account. So there is no need to separate reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses onto separate reports!

Check out the Expense Reports section of this Deep Dive to set this up. Feel free to comment on this discussion or reach out to if you have any questions!