We now have a direct connection with Brex credit cards!

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We’re excited to announce that you can now import your Brex cards into Expensify using our brand new direct connection! The launch is part of the ExpensifyApproved! Banks program, which uses a new API to provide a smooth import process and reliable connection for our users.

You can continue to use the mobile app to capture receipts and SmartScan will automatically merge the receipts with your imported Brex transactions.

Follow the instructions below to import your Brex cards into Expensify automatically!

Company Card Import

The following steps can only be completed by a Domain Admin. On the Expensify website navigate to Settings > Domain Control > Company Cards > Import Card/Bank and choose the Brex connection.

There are a couple of scenarios that you might encounter when using this new connection, and below you can find a more detailed explanation for each one of them. Check this out! 😉

  • When you first import your Brex cards to Expensify, we will only be able to pull in any cards active within the past 5 days. But after the cards are added, we will pull in 30 days worth of transactions. The cards will be available for assignment in Domain Control if/when they've had activity within the past 5 days. If you see this message in Domain Control "All available accounts have been assigned," that means that all cards that have been active within the past 5 days have already been assigned. Please verify if there's recent activity on the cards and try to assign them again later.
  • If you cannot find the transactions after assigning the cards, you will need to log into your Expensify account again, wait overnight, or manually update the cards in order to bring in transactions. For context, the cards won't be updated immediately after assignment.
  • If you're being redirected back to the Expensify homepage and cannot assign the cards, this is probably happening because you're attempting to import cards too many times, you should try again after 24 hours.
  • If you are unable to establish a connection, please double check your Brex credentials. Only Brex Master Admin's will be able to connect via Expensify. Users with Bookkeeper credentials will not be able to establish a connection.

If you have questions, please reach out to concierge@expensify.com, and the team will be happy to help!

Happy expensing!


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