Auto-sync best practices

Nicole Trepanier
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For a long time auto-sync was a feature that would import your relevant accounting data, such as your categories, tags, vendors, employees etc, and keep it up to date automatically. But getting your reports exported to your accounting package was a tedious, time-wasting, and manual process.

The good news is that process is now an annoyance of the past. Today, auto-sync can take care of it for you as soon as you final approve the report.

As you probably know, Expensify loves automation and the best practice for using the new auto-sync is to tie it into the entire automated reporting process. From submitting reports, to approving and reimbursing them, we can now automate every step while you sit back and relax.

That being said, we do understand that not everyone’s reporting process is the same so each of these automated features is completely optional.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new auto-sync functionality and discuss the different options for making it work for you.


  • Vicki
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    Hi Nicole, the problem we have experienced recently, is that our company card is linked by the bank into one pool, yet within Expensify, those spends are across several policies or for some card users in the pool, they are not required to be inside Expensify at all. We use it for managers and travelers only. Concierge keeps trying to send large slabs of, or all purchases within the card pool, into one person's report, but they belong to up to 12 card users. This is an ongoing problem for my reporting these days. Visually too, I find it more difficult to open each travelers' account as co-pilot, and find a concierge page of offers, rather than a list of reports for that traveler as my first view. I would prefer Concierge at the side with options to pick from should I choose to use it on that report. Can we opt out of using concierge until we are confident of how best to add it to our unique travel requirements? Kind regards,

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    Hi Vicki, thanks for explaining your setup!

    As for your first requirement, we have a feature in Domain Control, where you can assign transactions from specific cards to post to a particular account in your accounting software. Rather than using one general account for all company card expenses to post to, you can specify the specific accounts that transactions should automatically post to upon export.

    Our Company Cards help page outlines this process quite nicely, if you'd like to check it out.

    Once you set up company cards in domain control, you can also set up features to centrally manage cardholder's company cards. Company card transactions will populate into the cardholders account, and as an admin, you will be able to review, manage and reconcile them. This will keep you from having to co-pilot into users account to review their expenses.

    I hope this helps clarify things, but please let me know if you have other questions! Once you get these features set up in your account, it should simplify the auto-sync feature for you :)