Expensify/Tripactions Integration limitations

SamYaworski09 Expensify Customer Posts: 4 Expensify Newcomer

Has anyone experienced the limitation pains of the Expensify and Tripactions integration for trips booked on a corporate card? Since the integration is merely just Tripactions sending a receipt to receipts@expensify.com, the receipt adds to the corporate card report and requires heavy manual classification. It would be great if the Category and Department (tag) of the Tripactions User came over from Tripactions to Expensify for each transaction. Clicking through each Tripactions charge to see who it was for and then figure out which department they are in so that the charge can be charged to the correct department is a nightmare. I've set up expense rules to help with the categories (Flight/hotel/car) but I assumed the category could just map over from Tripactions too, making it 100% accurate every time (but that is not the case).

Anyone else have this pain or figured out a way to solve it? I'm wondering if there are any third parties out there that can build an actual expensify/tripactions integration for us instead of just sending receipts to receipts@expensify.com