How-To: Set up one central purchasing account in Egencia

Victoria O'leary
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If your Egencia feed is already established, and you want all Egencia receipts to now be sent to one central purchasing account, all you need to do is:

  • Reach out to letting us know the Expensify account you want all Egencia receipts sent to.
  • Note that this will require a Control policy with a verified Domain, so make sure to have these set up before reaching out. This option is helpful for reconciliation purposes if there is only one corporate card purchasing travel.

Once Concierge enables the Egencia central account, receipts will be sent to both the traveler as well as the central account. The receipt being sent to the traveler is a "reservation expense". Reservation expenses are non-reimbursable and won't be included in any direct integration exports. The reservation sent to the traveler's account is added to their mobile app Trips feature so that the traveler can easily keep tabs on upcoming travel and receive trip notifications.

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