FAQ: How do I Change the Default Payable Account for Reimbursable Expenses in NetSuite

Rachael Hopkins
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NetSuite is set up with a default payable account that will be credited each time reimbursable expenses are exported as Expense Reports to NetSuite (as supervisor and accounting approved). In some cases you may want to change this to credit a different account. 

OneWorld Accounts:

Navigate to Setup > Company > Subsidiaries in NetSuite.

2. Next to the subsidiary you want to update, click Edit.

Click the Preferences tab.

In the Default Payable Account for Expense Reports field, select a payable account.

Click Save.

Non-OneWorld Accounts

To do this:

Navigate to Setup Accounting Accounting Preferences in NetSuite

Click Time & Expenses tab

Under Expenses section, there is a field for Default Payable Account for Expense Reports, choose the preferred account. 

Click Save.

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