FAQ - Sage Intacct: Not Seeing User Application Subscriptions

Stevie LaFortune
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In step one of the setup, when you create a user in Sage Intacct and hit Save, you should be taken to a menu called User Application Subscriptions where you can set the user's permissions.

If you don't see this menu, then you'll need to create an Expensify "role". To do this in Sage Intacct:

  1. Go to Company > Roles > Add
  2. Name the role "Expensify"
  3. Give the role the following permissions:
  • Administration: All
  • Company: Read-only
  • Cash management: All
  • Time & Expense: All
  • Projects: Read-only (only required if you're going to be using Projects and Customers)

After you've done this, click Save.

Next, create the web services user with the following:

  • User ID: “xmlgateway_expensify"
  • Last name and First name: "Expensify"
  • Email address: your shared accounting team email address
  • User type: "Business"
  • Admin privileges: "Full"
  • Status: "Active"
  • Web services only: this box should be checked

Finally, select the "Permissions" tab and assign the new "Expensify" role to the new web services user you just created. Hit Save