How-to: Connect Tripcatcher and Expensify

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Pre-requisites for connecting

  • Be an admin using a group policy on a Collect or Control plan
  • Claim your domain under Domains - this is required to authorize Tripcatcher access to publish to your Expensify account
  • Enable Tax Tracking on the policy you want to connect - this is required to claim VAT on trips
  • Already have a Tripcatcher account? Contact Tripcatcher Support

Creating the connection

  • After completing the pre-requisites, go to Settings > Policies > Group > [Policy name] Connections > Tripcatcher > Connect
  • Fill out the online form authorising Tripcatcher and Expensify to share your information. Ensure a member of the Domain completes this form
  • After submitting your form we will start the process of connecting your Expensify account to Tripcatcher
  • You will receive an invitation within 48 hours to finish setting up your Tripcatcher account when the connection is ready
  • Follow the steps to create your account and invite other users to Tripcatcher.

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