Can we change the format of the expense report?

rayb2001rayb2001 Posts: 1Expensify Customer

I see no way to change the format of the actual expense report.

Two things I'd like to adjust would be the column headers and the size of the receipts.

We don't need to subtotal expenses by category so having them split out just confuses the report.

The PDF expense report has the size of the receipts too small to be of any use. We understand that we can always go find the receipt on your service but having a hard copy of the receipt is a requirement for our business. Lining up the scanned copy with the expense report is nearly impossible currently. If we could have the ability to adjust the number of receipts per page on the output PDF, this would go a long way to solving this.



  • Nicole TrepanierNicole Trepanier Posts: 776Expensify Success Coach - Admin Expensify Success Coach
    Hi @rayb2001! You can change the way your expenses are listed on the report by clicking the cog icon on the left side. You can break them down by tag or category and choose a single table. 

    If you scroll down to the receipts section of the report, there is a checkbox to include full page images of receipts when you export as a PDF. 

    Let me know if you have any questions!
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