More than one domain name and more than one credit card account

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We have two domain names for our companies and we also have two credit card accounts with Bank of America. There are card holders on each card account with both domain names. I have been importing card data from one card on one domain and then have to sign into the other card on the same domain to get the other cards expenses imported. Is there a way to be logged into both credit card accounts at the same time with each domain? I'm concerned that some of our transactions are not importing on a handful of users specifically because of this. Should we try to establish two Expensify accounts so we can separate our Bank of America card accounts?


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    We have two physical credit card accounts with our bank each having multiple users and we also have two domains.  We have it set up so each domain has two feeds (VCF/VCF2) So the people are scattered across all 4 feeds.   So VCF from domain 1 + VCF2 from Domain 2 = the actual amount of the credit card statement and VCF2 from domain 1 + VCF from Domain 2 = the actual amount of the other credit card statement.  (I wish we had been a little more aware and it was VCF domain1+VCFdomain2=statement 1...but alas we weren't and it does work)

    I mean every once in a while we have some missing charges but they don't seem to have anything to do with the multiple account set up .  (such as ocasionally the bank will record trx on an old cc#--shut down for fraud-- and Expensify will record to new CC#, so they dont show up if we wait to set up the new cc# until the card actually is physically put in service)
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    Hi @hhoepfner, @StephanieL789 has exactly the set-up I think would work best for you, however, this set-up only works if:
    1. You have users on both domains who require access to both card schemes
    2. You have a Commercial Card Feed setup for these cards. (So, this isn't a direct connection via the "Import Card/Bank" dialogue).
    If this sounds like you, ask Concierge if you can have your feeds mirrored on both domains.

    If you don't see both domains here, you'll know you're not a Domain Admin on both, so you'll either need to validate the other, or have an existing Admin on the other domain add you as an admin!
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    This is exactly what I'm looking for, but i'm having a hard time tracking down the VCF information from the bank. Does anyone know if Bank of America supports the commercial card feed?
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    Hi @hhoepfner, this is something that's determined at the bank's discretion, typically for larger accounts/card sets. I'd recommend reaching out to Bank of America directly and providing the following information:
    1. Contact your banking relationship manager and request that your VCF (Variant Call Format) feed be sent directly to Expensify. Feel free to share this information with them: "There is a check box in your bank's Visa Subscription Management portal that they, or their BPS team, can select to enable the feed. This means there is no need for a test file because Visa already has agreements in place with 3rd parties who receive the files."
    2. Ask your bank to send you the "feed filename" OR the raw file information. You'll need the Processor, Financial Institution (Bank), and Company IDs; these are available in Visa Subscription Management if your relationship manager is having trouble finding them.
    3. Once you have the file information, send it to us using the submission form here. If you have any trouble, check out this page for guidance!

    We will connect the feed once we receive these details and notify you when the feed is enabled. Once the feed is enabled you can:

    Once the feed is enabled you can:

  • hhoepfner
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    I just spoke with BofA commercial card accounts and they said they couldn't help me because we're a small business account. Does anyone know if VCF is available for small business accounts in the same manner it's available for commercial card accounts? The number I was provided from BofA goes to Wealth Management.
  • Sonia Liapounova
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    @hhoepfner ah, unfortunately, the feed connection is generally reserved by the banks for corporate card accounts. I don't think I've ever encountered a case where a small business account was provided a feed. 

    Is there any possibility that each card could be adjusted to only be given out to users on one domain? Example, BofA cards on account 1 only to users on Domain A and BofA cards on account 2 only to users on Domain B? If this is at all possible then it would save you the hassle of logging in and reassigning cards to different users. Or for the two accounts to be merged into one account (let's call it account 3) so that users on Domain A and on Domain B all use cards from account 3?
  • hhoepfner
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    It would definitely take a lot to get the cards switched so that only one domain was on each card and I don't know if my boss would want to combine our card accounts into one. I was thinking we could get another Expensify account set up and we'd just keep the two cards separated that way. But I'm trying to ask for that with the chat support and I'm having trouble communicating what I would like to accomplish. I keep getting a link to the VCF setup or they think I don't know how to log into my card accounts through the domain page.
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    Hi @hhoepfner :)
    When you state "another account" do you mean an additional domain or a separate Expensify account? I'm not sure that would work here, unless you plan to have all users under one domain. 
  • hhoepfner
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    I mean an additional Expensify account. Basically make an exact copy of the Expensify account we currently have but use different email addresses for it so it's still separate from this one. Then I can put our card accounts A into our existing Exp account and card accounts B would go into the second Expensify.
  • April Bekkala
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    Cards would need to be assigned to a different account that uses a different domain.
    Certainly you can have second account, under a different email address - which uses a different domain, that has a card assigned to it. 
  • hhoepfner
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    Ok, now I need to figure out how to get another account created.
  • Cortney Ofstad
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    Hi @hhoepfner! For this, I think it would be best to have you reach out to [email protected], so our dedicated Success Team can give you specific instructions for your company's setup. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!