Deep Dive: When manual reimbursement makes sense for your team

Ariel Green
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Expensify is at its most powerful when its automated features do the heavy lifting for you. If your company uses Expensify’s ACH reimbursement, you’ll want to configure your manual reimbursement settings.

With manual reimbursement, every Policy Admin who will be reimbursing expenses above that threshold needs to be given access to the verified bank account, so setting an appropriate threshold allows Admins to focus only on the expenses they care about.

Manual reimbursement is a good option for large, irregular expenses, but it’s often not necessary for fixed, recurring expenses, or for small, preauthorized employee purchases.

With the manual reimbursement feature, you set a threshold under which reports will be automatically reimbursed as soon as they are final approved. No need to set up multiple Policy Admins with the business bank account, and no need to spend your Friday afternoons approving Lance’s daily coffee reimbursement, or the weekly sales team lunch — Expensify does it for you!

Ready to get started? Here's how to set your manual reimbursement threshold!