Deep Dive - NetSuite: Multi-Currency

Kirk Barrett
Kirk Barrett Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 128 Expensify Team
edited February 2021 in Deep Dive Docs

While we do support multi-currency with NetSuite, there are a few limitations.

The currency of the vendor record/employee record needs to match the currency on the subsidiary selected in your configuration in Expensify. 

When expenses are created in one currency, and converted to another currency in Expensify before export, we do have the option to send over both original and output currencies for expense reports. This feature, called Export foreign currency amount,  is found in the Advanced tab of your configuration. 

If you export the foreign currency, we send over only the amount. The actual conversion is done in NetSuite. 

During the bill payment sync, the bank account currency must match the subsidiary currency or you will receive an Invalid Account error.

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