Expensify Guaranteed Receipt

Cherie Expensify Customer Posts: 1
Is an Expensify guaranteed receipt an approved way to submit a receipt according to the IRS?  When a receipt is scanned this way it doesn't show the details.  So a sales person can scan any kind of receipt and submit it as an expense, but it could be a personal expense while traveling.


  • John Schuster
    John Schuster Expensify Team Posts: 127 Expensify Team
    Hey there @Cherie! Great question! Expensify eReceipts do meet IRS requirements per Publication 463, but it sounds like there's a bigger issue here; one that eReceipts might help resolve. 

    When your users submit Cash expenses through Expensify, there is no way to validate the transaction outside of the receipt image itself. However, if the user imports their card into their Account (or is assigned a company card via Domain Control), transactions will flow into their Expensify account from their credit card upon posting and will be merged with the SmartScanned receipt. This will verify that the expense was incurred, providing a bit more trust in the validity of the expense.

    One thing that could be helpful would be to introduce things like Category limits, as that would allow you to pre-set per-day/per-expense limits for any expense coded with a given Category.

    That would cause any violating expenses to be flagged for review, which could be helpful here.