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DaveCWS Expensify Customer Posts: 13 Expensify Newcomer
I have a policy where the Auto Submit option for reports is turned off. This policy is my default policy. However, new expenses I create are still automatically added to a report. What is driving these new expenses to be automatically added to a report? The expected behavior is for new expenses to not be added to a report. Thanks.

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  • Greg Schroeder
    Greg Schroeder Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 64 Expensify Team
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    Hi @DaveCWS! Note that even if all of your group policies have the Scheduled Submit feature disabled, you may still have Scheduled Submit enabled in your individual policy (which only applies to your account).

    Can you check your account under Settings > Policies > Individual > [Policy Name] > Reports and double check your settings here? If Scheduled Submit is enabled here, you'll still see expenses auto-reported. Disabling this should do the trick. 👍