Export conflicts with QBO

David_T Approved! Accountant Posts: 6
I am getting a lot of ExpensiError QBO088: Error Creating Vendor (e.g.; already have an employee record already set up with the same name).

Problem is, I have NO "employee" records setup in QBO.  We do not book payroll by employee in QBO.  In all these cases, the individual is set up as a vendor in QBO, as the only payments made to them pre-expensify have been reimbursements.

So, why can't Expensify sync with an existing vendor in QBO?  Just because Expensify "knows" they are employees, if it's a vendor in QBO and a vendor in Expensify, shouldn't that just sync???

Gotta be a way around this! last thing I need is two vendor profiles for each employee in QBO!