Expensify Card not working recently, support not helping

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Afternoon All,

I had a question/issue and was wondering if anyone else had the same issue pop up and knew a fix for it. Recently (this past Thursday, 1/30/20) our card users have been experiencing difficulties with online bill payments, when the payment is associated with their expensify card. Both recurring and one time charges are being decline with the error message "Payment declined by financial institution or some other error has occurred." More and more users are coming to us seeking help as the day progress.

I went through the routine troubleshooting steps that usually works, checking unapproved balances, billing address matches mailing address for card, ensure correct billing information was entered and funds in our bank are sufficient. After all these were checked off, payments are still being decline.

I even called one of the vendor to see if they can look into the error message on their end and they stated the error message is related to their financial institution not being able to find an account associated with our expensify card.

As customer support has not been helpful or responsive, I wanted to reach out to the community for help and see if anyone else has had this problem in the past and knew the fix? As some of the charges are critical to our business success.

Thank in advance for any help anyone can provide or any leads I can chase down.


  • Maddy Lewis
    Maddy Lewis Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 120 Expensify Team

    Hi @jocook_RG - I'm sorry you're running into declines and there you're not getting solid information from my support team.

    That said, to fully investigate these declines, you'll need to write to us at concierge@expensify.com. The reason being that I need to know the date of these declined transactions, the merchant name as well as the dollar amount that was declined. We have tools on our end that can help us determine why a transaction could not process, but we'll need to have a look at your account details (which is more than what I can achieve on the Community).

    I hope we can get you squared away soon! Thanks!