Add a Support Phone Number?

GoodSamaritin Expensify Customer Posts: 11 Expensify Newcomer

SmartScan hasn't worked for months. The email customer service at the Concierge hasn't resolved this issue and really doesn't seem to care. In fact, they only email back every week or two with asinine requests, demonstrating their lack of understanding where SmartScan is concerned. There is no way to get in touch with a manager or superior to get this issue, or my actual problem rectified. I find this extremely unprofessional. Expensify continues to up sell SmartScan even though these issues are documented and because they refuse to properly interact with customers How does Expensify deal with problematic employees when there is no oversight or ability for customers to interact with managers? I reported this issue in November. Provided a plethora of documentation and emails. All I have received has been three months of run-around filled with useless requests.