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So, I signed up for Expensify to be able to scan all of my wife's receipts for her wreath business. By far, most of her receipts are with Hobby Lobby. Unfortunately, of all my receipts, Hobby Lobby is THE one that Expensify can't/won't process/download data.

Any thoughts on a way around this (bug fix) or do I need to cancel and go with good old Excel?

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  • Ted Harris
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    Hi @Wadefunk - would you mind elaborating on what you mean by:

    Expensify can't/won't process/download data.

    Are you saying that SmartScan won't identify the fields from these receipts? It sounds like a classic case of a merchant adding one of the key pieces of data on the back of the receipt, as we've discussed on the forum before here.

    Unfortunately, right now there's not much we can do - but we're always working on SmartScan improvements, so keep your ears to the ground and your eyes on Product Updates for any announcements there.


  • GoodSamaritin
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    Hi @Wadefunk @Christina Dobryzynski @Ted Harris @Sunted @Nicole Trepanier @Toolrep,

    Another problem with Expensify SmartScan reported on Feb 19 and responded to 5 days later. Did this get rectified or did @Wadefunk go back to Excel? I've been waiting on a resolution, heck waiting for Expensify to identify this issue for over three months. Is this still an isolated incident Expensify?

    @Wadefunk, get out while you can. Customer Service will not speak to you over the phone and your problems will not go away. You will be contacted once in a while until you give up. Search this forum for similar unresolved customer complaints.

  • Ted Harris
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    Hi there @GoodSamaritin! Thanks for taking the time to contribute to our Community. We really appreciate your voice in here. Right now, the Community itself isn't a direct support method - we don't promise to respond in a certain amount of time and we also like to leave some time for our other community members to have their own voices heard too.

    Right now, this isn't saying much though, because our current support times aren't great. This is something we're laser focused on improving though, raising difficult issues with us via Concierge doesn't get you a resolution fast enough - we know it, you know it.

    I'm not sure whether @Wadefunk can weigh in here or not, but the issue they're experiencing isn't actually something which can be solved by Expensify. If you'd take a quick look at my interpretation, the receipts can't be SmartScanned because... well, the receipt itself doesn't contain the requisite information - Hobby Lobby literally aren't putting the date on the front of their receipts and that's what Wade is SmartScanning. It's not an isolated incident, there are a few merchants, but not many that we're aware of here.

    Sure, there are some ways we could address that maybe? There's a few ideas here on the Community which would allow for multiple images per an expense, maybe we could even default to populating the date you upload them when one isn't visible. Right now though, the fact is that most merchants actually do put the date on the front of their receipts (we believe it makes sense to) and it isn't a problem for a large enough subset of our users to prioritise right now, when we're actively trying to prioritise support projects that require engineering resources too.

    I certainly hope this piece of support helped you out Wade and that this isn't unresolved in your eyes, but if it is, let us know! Maybe even a @GoodSamaritin could help you out. 😉

    If most of your expenses are for Hobby Lobby though and you don't want to add them manually, then I certainly wouldn't blame you for following @GoodSamaritin's advice - "good old Excel" might be the way forward I'm afraid.