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Credit Card Payment categorization/exclusion

Nancy_P_ATGNancy_P_ATG Expensify Customer Posts: 6

We set up a new credit card account with Bank of America that I was able to connect to the BofA website for automatic import of transactions - great! But Expensify also automatically imported my recent payment to the credit card and created a giant negative Expense, and added it to a new Report. This payment is NOT an Expense, positive or negative, but I now have an Unreported Expense that I don't need/want and have to create a work-around to move it out of my work queue. I realize that I can just submit the report and manually mark it as reimbursed/closed, but it would be nice to have a way to identify payments as they are auto-imported so that they can be excluded from the rest of the charges/credits. Does anyone else have a better solution?


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