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I work for a company in Europe and we sue company credit cards in Euros. I live in the UK when we use GBP and the company pays em in GBP and also wants to pay my expenses in GBP. There are two policies; one in Euro for credit card expense and the other in GBP for my cash expenses. Problem is that with the Euro policy set as default the output from my expenses on the other "cash" policy is in Euro, not GBP as it should be. Is there a setting we're missing somewhere or does the currency of the default policy dictate the output currency for the other policy?

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  • Matt Moore
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    Hi @Dave_M! Welcome to the Community.

    For convenience, your expenses will always be converted back into your Policy's default currency. You can set this by heading to Settings > Policies > Group [Policy Name] > Expenses > Expense Basics.

    Then, when you need to report under a different currency, you'll need to move the report to the other policy (the drop down menu at the top right of the report makes this quick and easy!)

    I recommend heading to the setting above to set a different currency for the GBP policy.