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Automatic Approval Limit

Anthony_Kajfasz1Anthony_Kajfasz1 Expensify Customer Posts: 3

I have seen questions on this but not the answer. I went under policies and people and changed the below screenshot to no. Where can I set an automatic approval limit? I see where it says max expense amount and age date but that seems to be an overview (screenshot below). I want to know where I can go and say anything below $50 is approved automatically. Anything above that is approved by the manager.

The third screenshot is under each person where there is an additional layer meant for very expensive items where a finance person can approve but I mean policy driven, anyone under the policy submits an item for an amount and it gets approved.


Best Answer

  • Ted HarrisTed Harris Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 282 Expensify Team
    Accepted Answer

    Hi @Anthony_Kajfasz1 - this seems like it's probably just slight confusion about what the "No" actually refers to from the first screenshot you shared.

    The fundamental question I have here is based around this part of your question:

    I want to know where I can go and say anything below $50 is approved automatically. Anything above that is approved by the manager.

    So, if you're talking about Expenses, then you simply need to set the Max Expense Amount from your second screenshot to be $50.01.

    Then, because you've answered No to the question: "Should expenses that pass both levels of review also require manual approval?"

    These "levels of review" refer to the sentence above this question you have chosen to answer:

    To ensure accuracy and prevent fraud, each expense goes through two levels of auditing: First, expenses are reviewed to fall within your policy rules. Then expenses are verified for accuracy to prevent fraud. Failing either audit automatically flags the expense to require manual approval.

    The piece here where we state: "expenses are reviewed to fall within your policy rules" is the piece that you are setting from your first screenshot.

    When you answer No, you're saying that as long as an expense is below $50, it will be auto-approved. If you answered Yes, then this would need to be manually approved.

    If you answer No, but the expenses is $50.01, then it will still need to be manually approved, because it does not "fall within your policy rules".

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