Disable Sticky Report Assignment for Expenses

Fletch Expensify Customer Posts: 2 Expensify Newcomer
edited March 2020 in Day to Day

Please write a WIKI/FAQ on how to do this. When I scan a receipt, it is being automatically assigned to a report.

This is UNRELATED to "Submitting" a report.

I have no Group Policy, I am paying for an Individual license only. I have disabled "Scheduled Submit" which, again, seems related to Submitting and, even when off, still says "Expenses will be automatically assigned to a report".

I have signed out, restarted my phone, cleared the app Cache and Files, Opened the App, Sign back in, and Sync. At that point, adding a receipt does NOT Automatically assign.

However, the moment I assign an Expense => Report, every future scan is automatically assigned to that report. Even if I do a scan, then change the report to a different report or (None), the originally selected report (or oldest, or random, or whatever) is automatically assigned.

Please document how to turn Sticky Report Assignment off altogether.