Moving expenses via app from existing to new report

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I have been coming up with a very time consuming dilemma where users of the phone app are unable to move cash items off an existing report to have the ready corporate transactions submitted. Currently, the only option on the app is (automatic). This option doesn't do anything to create a new report and the expense stays within the same report even after saving.

I realize that a new report can be created on a desktop, but our users are not always able to log in from a desktop.

Background: We use a corporate card so any cash item expenses that are not reimbursable should not be submitted. This also creates duplicate expenses if the cash item and the credit card transaction don't merge automatically. (Our users don't have the ability to delete credit card transactions).

Another reason to have this option is: we pay monthly statements from received reports and Expensify doesn't auto-separate corporate transactions with post dates in different months. (Major pain point for close schedule)...

*If anyone has recommendations or best practices, please let me know? t would be greatly appreciated.


  • Lauren Schurr
    Lauren Schurr Expensify Team, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 137 Expensify Team

    Thanks for writing in, @bpayen! Just to confirm, it should be possible for users to move cash expenses from one Open report to another Open report on the mobile app. When you open an expense and click More Options at the bottom, you should see the Report field. When you click on that field, you should then see all of the Open reports in your account. If the report doesn't exist yet, users can just click the blue + sign in the top right to create a new report.

    Here's an example from my test account:

    Let me know if this helps!