How can I batch print receipts for a year so I have them for my records?

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Hi There,

I've submitted my taxes, and need to print my receipts for my records. If I go to expenses, I can view all of them. How can I print this report? Or download it as a pdf? I need to have copies of receipts in case I get audited, and the excel spread sheet won't work with the IRS! :) I have about 50 receipts - the below view is just a sample so you can see what I'd like to print.

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  • Jenna Hay
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    Hi @Marni

    Actually one of the best things about Expensify is that you can use it to store all your receipts free of charge rather than downloading them. Downloading your receipt images is a pretty manual task and so I definitely recommend only doing it if/when you get audited.

    If you really have your heart set on downloading receipts then your best option is going to be to download a PDF of all the reports that your expenses are attached to although you will have to do it one report at a time.

    Head to the Reports page, click into the report you want to download then you'll see the download PDF option on the left of the screen. Don't forget to select the option to include full page receipt images. Full instructions can be found in this article

    Hope this helps. Please let me know if we can help with anything else.


  • TPenIX
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    Hi Jenna

    Are you saying it is not possible to bulk download a years worth of receipts? This would have to be done for each individual report expense attachment?


  • Zany Renney
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    Hi @TPenIX

    Yes, the way to download your receipts is through Reports.

    If you do need to download a lot of Reports in one go, you can select the tick box for each Report and Export to CSV file.

    All the steps you need to follow are in this Community Post here.

    I hope this helps!

  • TPenIX
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    Hi Zany

    Thanks for your response, however i regularly use this function and its not an excel dump i want.

    What i require is bulk download of the physical PDF receipt attached to each line item for audit purposes.

    Is this possible?

  • Zany Renney
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    Hi @TPeniX

    If you would like to download the PDFs containing the receipts, you'll need to do this within the Report on the left hand side by selecting the PDF icon.

    Unfortunately, we don't support bulk PDF download for multiple Reports at once. I can see how this would be useful though, and I would encourage you to add this idea to the "Ideas Section" on the Community. This way we can gather use cases and a view of how many customers would utilise this. The most popular ideas are chosen for development!

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    It is a little lame that Expensify does not allow you to do a bulk download of (pdf) expense reports and/or receipts, nor are they willing or capable of suggesting a simple workaround. But for the former you can get a good proxy with an Excel download of everything, then use the Chrome "Chrono Download Manager" extension to do a bulk download of the receipts (URLs are in the Excel file). For us Expensify has gotten too expensive, and the push to force people to use their debit card is kind of a gross grab of float economics, so we are off to Fyle.

  • Smarsh
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    Until recently, when you generated a detailed report, at the end of the report was a page each for each receipt/invoice on that report. That function has now disappeared. The report now only has very small thumbnails. This is not good enough

  • Kadie Alexander
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    Hi @Smarsh, thanks for reaching out.

    While this feature has changed, you can still view receipt images by clicking on them from within a report. Once you open an expense, you can quickly click through others in the report using the < > arrows at the top of the expense or the arrows on your keyboard. Alternately, you can download the report to PDF to see all of the receipt thumbnails.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about this!