Help: How do we set up for each Credit Card to upload to its respective CC Account in QB?

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We purchased expensify long enough ago and have been paying for multiple accounts, but every Quickbooks upload ends up going to the same Credit Card Account in Quickbooks. Then every entry most then be modified using another tool to fix the errors of Expensify Uploads.

How do we set up for each Credit Card to upload to its respective Credit Card Account in Quickbooks?


1 - The Bank isn't in the Import Card/Bank options

2 - We don't want to import the full feed as only small expenses are run through Expensify

We've sat through Webinars that rush through the content and questions with no resolve. We've attempted multiple to get answered through the docs. Concierged has been a colossal waste of time.


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  • Ben Fitz
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    Hi @Guillaume_SE, thanks for posting!

    You can set individual credit card posting accounts at the domain level.

    It sounds like this bank isn't a supported connection at the moment, so the way to handle this would be utilize the domain-level CSV upload and assignment feature.

    In practice, this would mean a Domain Admin would upload a CSV/OFX file with all transactions across all accounts, and then assign 'cards' or account numbers to individual employees. All transactions associated with each employee would be exported to the credit card account associated with that individual user.

    Let us know if you have further questions on this!