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I am the policy admin and I need to change our employees names for purposes of synching with Quickbooks. It will take too long for each employee to make their own change and it is important that the changes exactly match how we have each employee set up in QB. I have not found a way for a policy admin to change an employees name in Expensify, it appears that only the employee can do this. Is this correct or is there a way for the policy admin to do this?

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  • Matt Cole
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    Hey Doug,

    Couple things:

    1. With mapping users to QuickBooks, we are actually using the email. So long as the email included with the users information in QuickBooks matches that of Expensify, we will map accordingly.
    2. A policy admin does not have the ability to modify first and last names of a user, however they can add and remove e-mails. Conversely, if you would like the user to utilize more than one email under the same account they can add a secondary email, or merge the two. More on that can be found here.