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I was reading the how to guide 'How-to: Connect your policy to NetSuite - Token Based Authentication' and saw the below step. Can you please let me know where I can see this 'sync People' setting? I want to ensure this isn't selected as we do not need to sync our employees in Netsuite to Expensify. For our integration, objective is only to export (sync) the expense reports as vendor bills (since we set up employees as vendors) in Netsuite as well as sync the status in Expensify from Approved to Reimbursed once the vendor bill is paid in Netsuite.

Also is there a way to have Expensify use a particular custom form in Netsuite? As we have multiple vendor bill custom forms (e.g. inventory, non inventory, etc) and the expense reports should go to noninventory one.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you!

If you choose to sync "People," all employees under the Subsidiary that you are syncing will be brought in to Expensify, and you MUST select an approval workflow on the policy People settings page, allowing you to set a final approver. 

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