Receiving NetSuite Export Error: "The payable category/account '' does not exist in NetSuite."

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We recently added a new credit card policy in our Expensify and integrated it with NetSuite. We added the appropriate Expense Categories and synchronized everything over to Expensify; charges came in from the credit card and were able to be coded using these Expense Categories. However, when we go to Final Approve and export these transactions, we get the following error:

"The payable category/account '' does not exist in NetSuite."

It looks like this error is supposed to tell us which category can't be found but it doesn't. So far I have tried each of the following with no success:

1) Ensured each category we're using is listed on the Expense Categories list in NetSuite.

2) Each of those expenses are also going to the right subsidiary.

3) Each Expense Category for NetSuite has been successfully synced to the Expensify policy.

4) Compared each Expense Category to an Expense Category on one of our other policies (that's been working fine) and didn't notice any difference in the setups.

Is there a step we're missing to get this to export to NetSuite?

Thank you!

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  • Sonia Liapounova
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    Hi @MShell 👋

    Thank you for detailing your troubleshooting steps!

    I see that you're exporting company card expenses as Journal Entries. Could you please try navigating to Settings > Domain > [Domain Name] > Company Cards > click Export Option next to card in question and then select the desired export account from the card menu.

    I see that you currently have "default card" selected which sometimes doesn't pick up the account and throws that error. If you specify the export account that should allow you to export without an error. If you have multiple cards on the report, please set the desire export options for both cards. If you'd like your export to go to the default account then select this account in the menu.

    Let me know if you run into any further trouble!