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Azure SSO SAML Authentication Error

diles_mavis Expensify Customer Posts: 1


When I attempt to authenticate using SAML SSO (my IDP is Azure), I get the following error:

SAML Response not found, Only supported HTTP_POST Binding

I saw the FAQ response, here:

But couldn't find much on the Azure side. So I reached out to Microsoft who told me this:

"Azure AD only supports the HTTP_POST binding, that's what this error is telling us. It could be that the application is configured to use a different binding like HTTP_Redirect. You will need to check the configuration on the application side and change it to the appropriate binding. I would recommend raising a support request with Expensify."

Please help! I'd like to get this implemented, but feel my options are limited on the Expensify side. Maybe I just need to tweak the Metadata XML from Expensify to Azure (or vice versa)?