How can I link Expensify to my UK Bank account.

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I'm based in London and have a UK bank account. I would like to add my personal bank account to Expensify so my expenses are reimbursed.

However, in Expensify -> Settings -> Payments -> Personal Bank Accounts, only US banks come up in the list and it's not possible to set a up a UK bank account manually either.

Please can you advise on how I can set up my personal UK bank account?

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  • Jason Li
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    Hi @LMbog - welcome to the Community! If you're only seeing the option to add a US bank account, then your Policy's default currency might be set to $USD.

    Expensify currently offers reimbursement in $USD (via ACH) and $AUD (via ABA), so I'd recommend reaching out to your Admin regarding this - they may have an alternate way that they'd like to reimburse you.

    If your employer has a US-based bank account, then they might also like to look into setting up something with Transferwise, which will allow an automatic reimbursement into a UK account.