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SmartScanned Receipts Now Merge with Submitted Card Transactions

Ted HarrisTed Harris Expensify Success Coach - Admin Posts: 303 Expensify Team

Update: Now, when you SmartScan a receipt, we’ll merge it with the matching card transaction - even if the receipt or transaction has been submitted! We have improved Expensify’s ability to automatically merge your card transactions and SmartScanned receipts to include those expenses on Processing, Approved, Reimbursed and Closed reports.

This update applies to personal cards imported via Account Settings, corporate cards via Domain Control and CSV uploads as well, meaning if an expense has already been reported, reimbursed or even exported, we’ll merge that transaction to avoid any unwanted duplicates in your account as long as the value and date match.

If you’re still finding duplicates where card transactions and SmartScanned receipts have not merged, we have a great troubleshooting guide on our help site.

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