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When using the NetSuite Employee Default option for tagging (like the Department tag for example), will this be based on the employee named in Expensify, or the employee's name on the credit card?

I know this is usually the same person, however, we have an instance were one employee ("Steve") is receiving transactions and coding for his own credit card as well as for another employee ("Bill"). So in the "Company Cards" tab in the Domain settings, the Card Names are for Steve and Bill, but the Assignee for both cards is Steve. If we set up a default department for Steve and Bill in NetSuite, will Expensify apply Steve's default department to all transactions he is assigned to (including Bill's)? Or will it apply the default for Steve only to Steve's card, and Bill only for Bill's card?

I hope that makes sense. In summary we're just trying to understand if the Employee Default does its tagging procedures based on the Card Name, or the Assignee name.

Thank you!

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