The best way to #BurnYourReceipts

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[Original post date: July 26, 2017]

Hello! I hope you’re enjoying the height of summer (or winter) wherever you are. I just wanted to give a quick update on some incredible progress with one of our lesser known but increasingly important features: receipt integrations.

By now you probably know about SmartScan, and how every time you get a receipt you should just SmartScan it, and then hand it back to the cashier. We call the process #BurnYourReceipts — which can include actual fire, but in general just means “don’t put it in your pocket.” After all, every receipt put in your pocket is just work you’ve created for yourself in the future: at a minimum it’s something you need to remove before the next load of laundry, but it can also mean a bunch of other work to actually store the receipt, manually transcribe it somewhere, etc. 

The habit of SmartScanning and then burning your receipts can go a long way to ensure there are no receipts to forget about later, which also means no more disintegrated receipt bits dirtying your clean clothes. But wouldn’t it be great if SmartScan could somehow magically work *without the receipt at all*? Yes it would be, and that magic is possible with our receipt integrations!

As an example, it works like this: open your Lyft app and go to Settings > Business profile > Expense management > Expensify. Then choose “Business” when booking your ride, and voila — the receipt is sent automatically to Expensify for instant SmartScanning, without you needing to forward anything to manually. Additionally, if you are in charge of a team, then just log in to the Lyft for Business portal to invite everyone to create business profiles and experience the magic of our receipt integrations themselves!

Indeed, our idea of the perfect business trip is one where you do you, and we take care of the rest.  Book your private jet with Jettly, drop off your car with ParkWhiz or The Parking Spot, pay for your coffee at a Revel point of sale system, find a room with HotelTonight, and then Lyft to the hotel — our receipt integrations will collect and SmartScan all these receipts for you, without you batting an eye.  Our network of receipt integration partners is constantly expanding, and you can see the latest here:

Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to highlight that great feature, but since I have your ear, let me share some other neat things:

– Use and Expensify? We’ve partnered up and improved our integration!

– Use FinancialForce and Expensify? Learn about our new direct connection!

– Curious what this new “preaccounting” term is that’s all the rage? Learn here!

That’s about it for now, but it has been a busy, busy year. Just a couple months ago I mentioned we had 35,000 customers — well now it’s 43,000. We’re on track to add more customers in six months than we’ve added in the past *six years*. This has placed a pretty serious strain on our system and people, and I really appreciate your patience as we ramp up both to sustain this rate of growth as the “new norm”. (Additionally, if you know anybody in Australia looking for customer success roles, please send them to as we’ve got plenty of work to do Down Under!) Thanks for your help in spreading the word, and for making Expensify the most widely used expense management product in the world!

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