Why we’re enabling auto-SmartScan (also: ADP and 1M users!)

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[Original post date: June 21, 2012]

Hey there, just wanted to share a couple quick points:

1) We’re enabling auto-SmartScan for everyone.** The new “trips” feature is an awesome way to track your itinerary… when it works. (Just forward itinerary emails to receipts@expensify.com, and SmartScan will put their details into the “Trips” screen in the mobile app.) But the top reason for it not “working” is auto-SmartScan being disabled by default. So we’re switching the default to ensure trips works “out of the box”. Sorry for any confusion on this!

2) We’ve integrated with ADP (and other payroll systems), so now you can reimburse expense reports on the employee’s paycheck. Enjoy! http://wp.me/pBzL2-JC

In other news: did you know Expensify just crossed the coveted million-user mark? It’s sort of a big deal. Especially since we did it with essentially no advertising and minimal investment, while having a ton of fun. We considered doing some big hoopla around it like everyone else seems to; but at the end of the day, it’s just a number. I’m much more excited about trips, SmartScan, ADP support, and just getting your next report reimbursed quickly and accurately, every single time.

So turn to your left: does that person use Expensify? If not, ask them to sign up. With your help, we’ll be at two million in no time. Thanks for everything, and please let me know how I can help!


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** To avoid people accidentally going over the free limit and getting unexpectedly billed, SmartScan remains disabled for users who have manually disabled it, or for users with a billing card. Policy owners, head’s up: double-check whether central SmartScan billing is enabled on your policy so there’s no surprise when people use it!