How do I permently delete an expense?

random_user Expensify Customer Posts: 16 Expensify Newcomer

This seems like it would be a simple enough task. I have expenses that I want to permanently delete, I only see the option to Duplicate and Undelete.


  • 180_Accounting
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    This is not an option in Expensify. You can't.

  • random_user
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    Such a basic feature missing. I wonder what ulterior motives Expensify has for keeping personal expenses that won't be uploaded to a report.

  • random_user
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    So sense the last thread was closed because Expensify didn't want to answer to thier customers ill ask my questions again here.

    1) Why does Expensify get to control users personal data when it is not nor will it be on a report.

    2) What is the reasoning Expensify wants to keep data that does not pertain to any reports?

    3)What does Expensify gain from doing this?

  • Kjacy99
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    I was looking for a way to permanently delete my personal expenses which flow over form my personal card - Seems like this is a major flaw. It is also VERY frustrating seeing the multiple threads with lots of users saying they want this labeled as "Not Developing" with a reason of it does not align to the longterm strategy - What long term strategy does Expensify have for keeping our data? MONETIZING the exhaust clearly - LET US DELETE OUR DATA.

    I see the only way to remove these deleted expenses is to disconnect our credit card - I opted not to have a corporate card to get the points from the cards i wish to use.

    PLEASE listen to your users, i do not want my company to have access to my personal expenses which flow in from my card. This is triggering me now to manually add ALL expenses - Your CC integration feature is useless without allow people to own their data in your system.

    I'm a Dir. of Prd Mgmt - happy to even help write your requirements and escalation of use cases if at all helpful or if anyone from expensify monitors these threads.

  • Sonia Liapounova
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    Hi all,

    Expenses are visible to policy admins only if the expenses have been added to a Group policy report. Expenses on reports in your Individual policy are not visible to anyone other than yourself unless you share them with another user.

    Expenses imported from a connected card can be completely deleted by disconnecting the card. When a card is disconnected all Unreported and Open expenses are completely deleted. If there are particular expenses you'd like to delete from a card connection you can disconnect and then reconnect with a new Start Date so that old expenses do not re-import.

    Expenses not imported from a card (as long as they are in the Unreported, Open, and Deleted states) are completely deleted when an account is closed.

  • Sonia Liapounova
    Sonia Liapounova Expensify Success Coach - Admin, Expensify Team Posts: 211 Expensify Team

    @Kjacy99 There are a few ways to prevent expenses importing from a personal card from being submitted to a company report

    • Set your default policy to your individual policy so that when new expenses are added to your account they are not automatically added to the company policy reports (assuming the company policy has Scheduled Submit enabled). You will need to manually create reports on the company Group policy and add the expenses you'd like to report.
    • Disable Scheduled Submit in the group policy, though I wouldn't advise this because it will affect reporting for every user on the group policy which can lead to users missing expenses that need to be reported or submitting them at random points of the month.
    • Disconnect your personal card and instead add expenses that were created with a personal card or with cash by Smart Scanning the receipts.
  • rpilotte
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    For Customers in Europe, General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679), or GDPR, is applicable to ALL platforms that are to be accessed by European Citizens, should be the guideline. There is a similar regulation for California and for UK.

    GDPR makes very clear that personal data, i.e. any data that are linked to a live human being who can be identified, so-called a Data Subject, must remain under the full control of that Data Subject. Among the specific rights are the right to rectification (Article 16) and to erasure, aka right to be forgotten (Article 17). This means that information that is not any longer mandatory to be kept for legal reasons (to be clearly named and documented) should have the possibility to be rectified or erased.

    In my personal case, unreported expenses and old approved reports can be permanently deleted. Expensify is only a way for my company to collect the expenses in a structured way. All downstream administration is performed outside Expensify and I have the original copies, as well as a version of the generated reports with the scanned copies, of all my expenses stored in my personal Cloud and files. This means that my data inside Expensify have only a validity of maximum 3 months and are not bearing any obligations to be kept in Expensify for longer. So let me be able to permanently delete them.

    Note that, if Expensify relies on blockchain for data management, making indeed erasure and rectification impossible, Expensify is liable of not adhering with GDPR Article 25 regarding "Data protection by design and by default".

    Remember that fines for not adhering to GDPR are big: up 20M€ or 4% of the total WW annual turn over of the previous year!

  • deke997
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    We need to be able to permanently delete expenses

    It is also required by GDPR

    Is there any progress on this?