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VERY Disappointed with Expensify using customer email to express political opinions!

darladarla Expensify Customer Posts: 3 Expensify Newcomer
edited October 26 in Day to Day

David Barrett,

I really have to say that I’m very disappointed that you send out political messaging to your customer base. Frankly that is just unacceptable behavior to use your customer database to solicit votes for your personal agenda. In my opinion it doesn’t matter who you support, it’s just not appropriate to use the platform in that regard. I pay you for a SERVICE and not to hear your political opinions! There are other forums to discuss politics and your personal opinions. A customer service forward company should respect it’s customers more. You’ve stepped over the line here and frankly that’s just uncool ! #repectyourcustomersmore #nopolitalmessagingtocustomers😔


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