Issue with 'merge' action using Policy Updater

AverageVlad Expensify Customer Posts: 3 Expensify Newcomer

Hi everyone,

Could someone help me with Policy Updater? Every time I am trying to make a request with the 'merge' action I am getting an "Error while processing categories" error. Has someone faced such an issue? If yes how it could be fixed? Here is the request itself:


"requestJobDescription": {

"type": "update",

"categories": {

"data": [


"name": "Goods",

"enabled": true,

"areCommentsRequired": false



"action": "merge"


"credentials": {

"partnerUserID": *,

"partnerUserSecret": *


"inputSettings": {

"type": "policy",

"policyID": "84C48A88B14EE243",

"reportFields": {}




Credentials are replaced by '*'

Thanks in advance for your help!