Multiple Policies/Reports

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My company needs two different expense reports for Billable and Non-Billable expenses. The formats of the two reports are the same but the Billable report has more fields that keep track of client-related information. Since this report is used far more commonly, its policy is the default. The way Expensify seems to work now is that when a user creates a report, (s)he has to create the report with the default policy. If the user wants to use the non-default policy, (s)he has to change the policy via the Details button and the Non-Billable report comes up. Our issue is that the Non-Billable report still has the Billable report's fields on it. The fields have red x's on them and the user has to click to remove the fields from the report. This seems like a pretty cumbersome way to handle things. Is there a better way to handle multiple reports? It seems like you should be able to select which report you want when you create it, but I can't find a way to do that. We could make the Non-Billable policy the default but that also is cumbersome. The Non-Billable policy was create as a duplicate of the Billable policy. Would creating a totally separate policy fix the issue?

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