We want Employee Non-Reimbursable Expenses to be attached to each Vendor.

CDuff Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

Employees use Company Credit/Purchase Cards and submit an expense report for all their non-reimbursable Merchant/Vendor expenses (multiple Merchants) in a given week.

The Expense Report is coming into NetSuite to the single "default" Vendor instead of each Merchant/Vendor.

I know the Native NetSuite Expense report form does not include a Company/Vendor/Merchant field but if I create a custom field that sources from the Vendor list, how can I map the "multiple Merchants" to this custom Vendor field during the Export from Expensify.

Do I have to export to NetSuite using Journal Entry because the journal entry line contains the "Name" field which does contain Vendors?