Adding users with subdomain email adresses or who have an outside email address

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For various reasons, such as onboarding an associate (vendor worker, consultant, etc.), there are certain users who may need a corporate card but are not entitled to an email account under a company's top-level domain. In these cases, they either operate from their own company's domain or - as an alternative - could instead (or also) be setup with an email account like

What is the procedure for setting up this user in expensify? The Domains section doesn't appear to allow for users to have emails with a subdomain (it seems to only support not, and the system also doesn't appear to allow Company Cards to be granted to users in a Policy who are not also a Domain Member.

This is a problem insofar as Expensify appears to be driving business process around the reported relationship between a worker and the company, rather than ensuring legal and business requirements are driving how Expensify's clients use the Expensify platform.

Is there an alternate solution to ensure such associates (non-employees) can be connected to their Company Card so they can submit expenses for accounting and approval like all others with a Company Card?